Do we really need a new library?

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I was so glad to read Wayne Gunnell’s letter in the Local last week. I agree with everything he said. I wish I had attended the Library meeting on Nov. 3, 2011, but as usual I thought my opinion won’t matter and didn’t go.

But I just keep thinking with the bad economy we don’t need a new library or to build anything right now.

The Library Board said they need more space, more parking spaces, more computers, more, more, more.

When I go to the library it has never been crowded.  I have never seen the parking area full except on election day or when someone is having a meeting in the back room, which is not that often.

They want more computers. I’m fine with people having access to computers. But after I saw one man looking at women dressed in hardly nothing; on another day a young man saw me coming his way and he quickly turned his screen off. I don’t think this is what the computers were meant for in a public place.

They want to purchase a lot at King Street and East Broadway. I don’t think this lot is any bigger than what the library sits on now.  What is the size of the Library lot now? Isn’t there room to build onto the library if really needed? With the technology growing and changing so fast I think in the near future the library will see elimination of some of its services or see it slow down.

Since the Kindle came out, people don’t have to go to the library anymore for books or reading material. The county, city, school and library officials need to stop spending and cut back like most of us have done. The county, city, school and library taxes increase every year and will continue to do so.

That is why we need to speak up and attend the meetings and let them know how we feel and hold them accountable for the tax money they receive. I would like to see many letters in the coming weeks in the Local regarding the new library and any concerns or ideas you have, pros and cons. Speak up, people. One or two can’t make a difference but a group could.

Pat Case