Don’t break the bank for summertime fun

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By Maryellen Garrison

With the days finally getting warmer, many of us are looking forward to summertime and making plans for all of the activities we want to do and events we want to attend. Summer can be a lot of fun, but many summertime adventures can also be expensive. Preparing now for summertime expenses can help soften the blow to your wallet.

Many people do not include summertime expenses, such as vacations, concerts, summer camps, trips to the pool and golf outings, in their monthly budget. Add in the cost of gas, and you can easily overspend. Thinking about and listing the activities and events you want to attend with your family this summer can help you start thinking of ways to pay for them.

When you have a list, look at your monthly budget and current expenses for ways you could save a little now for summertime activities. Making your coffee at home or bringing your lunch to work could add up to big savings over time. You may also consider borrowing books and movies from the library as opposed to purchasing them.

If you plan to be outdoors a lot this summer, you may want to consider canceling your cable for the summer. You may find you don’t really miss it. Many shows are in reruns during this time anyway.

If some of your summer plans don’t seem possible after reviewing your budget, you can consider free alternatives in your area. Henry County has many free festivals or outdoor events that can provide fun and family bonding time. You may also want to consider doing activities closer to home or having a “staycation” where you tour your own area. This will not only save you on lodging and transportation costs, but many points of interest in your city may offer discounted rates to locals or have free admission times.

For more information on family financial topics, contact the Henry County Extension office for a copy of our publication, “Money Management-How to Make Your Money Go Further”.  Extension Homemaker members will be studying this topic in May.  We also have some copies of the book, “Small Steps to Health and Wealth” that we will provide to the first ten people to contact us for a free copy.


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