Donations needed for Humane Society

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By The Staff

My name is Sean Hoagland and I am an eighth grader at Eminence Middle School. I would like to get information on asking for community help with the Humane Society.  I am doing a community project for school and chose the Humane Society because of my love of animals.  Since volunteering at the Shelby Co. Humane Society (Henry Co. directed me there since their volunteer coordinator had a family illness), I have found out there is a huge need for donations.  The society runs on donations which are down due to our hard economy.  The shelters are not only full of animals that are abused, neglected and strays, but from a great number of families that have had to give up their pets because they can no longer afford to feed and care for them.  If we can get people to donate a bag or can of food to a cat or dog we would be helping, if only a little.  These donations would go to both Henry and Shelby County Humane Society. The drop off site is the Eminence School office.

Sean Hoagland