Duncan’s word is good

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By The Staff

I am writing this letter in reference to the uproar over EPD Chief Carey Duncan shooting a dog.

It has always been my belief that actions speak louder than words. I have known Carey Duncan for about 30 years, and his actions have always been that of a professional and courteous officer of the law.

I have also been around Carey Duncan as a Little League coach or talking with him after he just mowed his lawn. I used to live just down the street from Carey in La Grange. His kids grew up with mine. So I also know something about his personal behavior and actions. By no means am I saying that Carey Duncan is without flaws, but the Carey I know is a good guy! If he tells you something, then you can take that to the bank.

Since Carey has said that with the information he had at the time, and the situation being what it was, his only option at the time was to shoot the dog. I believe him and I support his actions.

The only person that can honestly determine whether Carey was right or wrong is Carey Duncan. The rest of us must consider his actions prior to this incident, and the only answer I can come up with is that he again did his job in a professional manner.

As for what Mrs. Gingrich said on TV and in the newspaper, I find it hard to believe. Considering her actions over the past three or four years, I have found her to tell only partial truths in order to stir up problems where there are none (i.e., her pamphlet during the election).

I have also found Mrs. Gingrich’s actions of twisting the words of people to meet her needs. So I ask you the reader to decide whose actions you believe — the actions of a trained, professional police officer, or the actions of someone who seems to have an agenda against the City of Eminence or anyone or anything that has authority.

Howard Roberts