EHS gets bronze again

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By Jonna Spelbring Priester

General Manager

For the second year in a row, Eminence High School has been named to the U.S. News and World report list of America’s best high schools.

And for the second year in a row, Eminence earned a bronze medal on that list. EHS Principal Steve Frommeyer said the accomplishment is a testament to the school’s hard working students and teachers.

“It’s kind of a nice affirmation that the things that we’re doing are making a difference, and someone else besides ourselves is recognizing that fact,” he said.

Stating that the school has been innvoative over the years, Frommeyer said some of those innovations were looked at skeptically by other educators throughout the state. “When you get a national recognition, it kind of reaffirms you to stay the course and the things that are really working.

The selection process for the annual list starts with more than 21,000 high schools across the country.

Utilizing test scores, student achievement data and other information, U.S. News & World Report compiles their list.

“If you’re serving a more challenging population, they compare that to test scores,” Frommeyer said. “I think they also look at the amount of money you spend per student. And in that regard, what we spend per student is below the state average, and of course our scores are above the state average.

“That makes us look pretty efficient for serving the population that we have.”

The secret to the school’s success, Frommeyer said, is great teachers. Without great teachers, the school’s approach to policy “is not going to be worth a nickle.”

Frommeyer said he believes that Eminence has a good system and a good plan for achieving high standards.

He added that with the plan the school has in place, and the good teaching staff, Eminence is in good shape to”whether any storm that’s out there.”

Eminence Independent Schools Superintendent Donald Aldridge said to be named to the list for the second year in a row was a great honor.

“I think it’s pretty prestigious ... (we’re) a small district, and we still get recognized (for) outstanding performance,” he said.”

Aldridge, too, commended the school’s high expectations.

“If our staff didn’t expect it, (students) wouldn’t perform,” he said.

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