Election 2008 - Election Day is coming!

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By The Staff

Election day is coming! With a record number of voters expected to arrive at the polls on election day, voter preparation is the key to a smooth voting experience.

Please have your candidate selection decisions made before you get to the machine. Sample ballots will be provided at the polls, and a copy will be printed in the local paper. Please look at them and use them to be ready to vote when you enter the booth. Prepared voters make their selections quickly and are in and out of the voting booth, which helps to keep lines moving.

Absentee voting is available two ways. You can vote by paper absentee ballot, or by “in office” electronic absentee voting. The requirements are basically the same though there are some minor differences. Please call the office for details about which one you are eligible for. The “in office” electronic and paper ballot voting began Wednesday, Sept. 22.

“Am I registered?” “Where do I vote?” Call the Henry County Clerk’s office at 845-5705 or go to www.kentucky.cov for voter information.

“What do I need to take with me to vote?” Unless a voter is known personally to the poll worker, the poll clerk will ask for identification from the voter. Acceptable forms of ID are a driver’s license, credit card, social security card, or another form of ID (employee ID, etc.)(KRS 117.227).

Electioneering within a polling place is still a violation of Kentucky state statute (KRS 117.235), but an Attorney General’s Opinion 92-73 directs that passive activities, such as wearing a campaign button, shirt or hat is protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and is to be allowed for voters. Oral solicitation of votes, or other more intrusive communication, is not (OAG 92-73).

Cell phones are allowed for communication purposes in a poll. the camera feature is not allowed by statute (KRS 117.236(2)). Cell Phones that are improperly used to make a list of voters in a precinct by recording their faces or calling in who’s there is a violation of the statute. It is referred to as “list making,” and it is specifically prohibited in the statute.

Expect a line, and be prepared to wait to vote. You will have the opportunity to vote, no matter how long the line might be. Kentucky law is very clear that all voters get to vote, as long as they are in line at 6 p.m. The doors to the precinct will be locked at 6 p.m., but voting will continue until the last voter in the room has voted. There is no pre-determined time limit (KRS 118.03(1)).

The number of new voter registrations and absentee applications received is strong for this election. Voting records indicate that many people only vote once every four years (when they vote) for president. This presidential election is extra exciting because we will either elect our first black president or our first female vice-president.

Bring your best attitude, all of your patience and try to enjoy the day and the experience of selecting our next president.


Juanita Lashley

Henry County Clerk