Eminence to close alley

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Closure of Browning Lane could pave way for CVS

By Brad Bowman


Eminence City Council’s move to close the alley Browning Lane marks another step toward confirming CVS Pharmacy rumors.

Before the council could give the first reading on an ordinance to close a public road, Eminence Mayor Drane Stephens said all the property owners with butting access and easements along Browning Lane had to verbally agree to a consent to sell to CVS.

During the Eminence City Council meeting on Monday, the city held the first reading of an ordinance for closing of a public way. Stephens said another emergency meeting will be held near the end of the month to officially close the alley.

“The city needed to close the road before the land acquisition could take place,” Stephens said. “The property owners are saying they don’t need access to the back of these buildings along the block by Chumbos.”

According to the mayor, one contingency plan for development with CVS includes all of the buildings on the same block as Lee Family Chiropractic on East Broadway.

“CVS has also inquired about the old bank deposit building and KOI,” Stephens said. “That plan would include another partner other than CVS, but I don’t know if CVS will go that far.”

At a council meeting in June, a 17-year employee from Cook’s Pharmacy and True Value Hardware in Eminence asked the council to dispel the rumors about CVS looking at a location in Eminence. The employee had concerns that 55 employees could lose their jobs.

At the time Stephens attempted to quell concerns of the impact to the community by emphasizing the differences between the two companies.

“Cook’s offers services CVS doesn’t have like home delivery to their customers. They offer a one-on-one education to the pharmacy customers and specifically in regards to diabetes that CVS doesn’t do,” Stephens said in June. “We hope it is a situation where it can draw people into our town, employ more people in the area and ultimately we can support both businesses.”


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