Eminence Elementary receives $31,005 Crumb Rubber grant

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By The Staff

With national and local playground injuries on the rise, Eminence Elementary Administrators have chosen crumb rubber tire surfacing rather than the current wood mulch to prevent playground injuries, save money and increase lost instructional time due to falls to the surface on the elementary playground.

With Eminence Elementary being a year-round facility, this newly awarded grant will be extremely useful most of the year, especially since the facility is also used by the Districts after school program: Wee Warriors Child Care. Furthermore, this project will help recycle used Kentucky tires that have been discarded as refuse and can be veritable breeding grounds for mosquitoes that can carry the West Nile Virus. Waste tire disposal has been a concern in Henry County and this plan will also help to alleviate landfill concerns where whole tires can easily "float" to the surface and interfere with heavy equipment that is operating in these areas. According to the Rubber Manufacturers' Association, Americans are re-using 87 percent of used tires in a study that was conducted in 2005. This grant project is an innovative effort of the state of Kentuckys part to sponsor uses of waste tires in Kentucky. According to the state of Kentucky, "The General Assembly created the $1 per tire fee in 1998 and reauthorized it in 2006. It will expire in 2010. (The fee does not include tire disposal costs.) The Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet (EPPC) oversees this program. The fee has paid for the clean up of 14 million waste tires abandoned in piles or delivered by citizens to amnesty programs. Today, there are no major stockpiles remaining. The EPPC now focuses its major efforts on future scrap tire market development." The Eminence Elementary playground project will use between 8,000-12,500 scrap tires to ensure playground safety, while also protecting the environment by eliminating thousands of scrap rubber tires that cause disease and landfill problems. The school received a grant of $31,005 and will be funding an additional $10,335 in order to complete this safety program. Eminence Elementary is extremely grateful for this valuable opportunity that will ensure the safety and well-being of all school-age children in our community.

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For more information on scrap tire usage and studies please visit:

https://www.rma.org/scrap_tires/scrap_tire_markets/ and click on the US Scrap Tire Markets 2005 Report