Eminence Mayor: Change, progress are hard

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Yes, I agree that it is our responsibility to work hard to support and help maintain our current businesses.  It is also our duty and obligation to try and move forward with opportunities for new businesses in our community.  We need to provide our businesses with every opportunity to succeed.

New businesses will bring new and more people into our community.  New people to buy gas here.  New people to buy a DQ blizzard while they are here.  New people to stop for lunch at Hometown or Subway while they are here.  Since the news has gotten out about CVS possibly coming to our city, we have seen a renewed interest in our town by developers and businesses that quite frankly were not interested before the CVS announcement.

It is very unusual for a city our size to only have one pharmacy. Consider Crestwood and Owenton. Both are smaller than Eminence and neither even have as much industry yet both support at least 2 pharmacies with Crestwood even supporting 2 large national chain stores. Competition does not kill businesses, it makes them stronger.

Regardless, is it our role to try and stop progress? I argue it is not and furthermore would be irresponsible to do so.  When we sit back and do nothing, we are moving backward. Doing nothing causes us to miss opportunities for new jobs; new revenues and most importantly we miss the opportunity for our current businesses to make a new customer.

While I also agree that it would have been ultimately best for our city to still have all of its historical buildings intact, the fact remains for many reasons, no one chose to invest in them, to rehab them, and to operate their businesses out of them.  They are beyond repair and falling down and unsafe.  We must move on.

Change is hard. Progress is hard. I contend that neither is as hard as watching a city die and dry up right in front of your eyes.  Drive around our city.  Count the empty buildings and store fronts.  Research the trend.  Without growth and progress we allow the opposite to happen.

The city of Eminence is committed to giving our best effort to not let this happen. We will not sit back and watch our great city dry up and blow away.

Drane Stephens, Mayor