Eminence school expansion imminent

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By Will Phillips

Eminence schools may have a slightly different look in the coming years with a planned expansion to allow more individualized learning for students, according to Superintendent Buddy Berry.
Dubbed ‘Edhub’ by the school board, the project would include 13 new classrooms, nine new labs and a large hub area for students to gather. Berry said that he hopes the expansion will lead to a greater customization of learning.
“The Eminence goal is to personalize learning for every student,” Berry said. “So we want to make every student have an experience that maximizes their potential. Our goal is ‘Eminence Excellence’ for every kid and we feel like this space will help us do our job even better.”
According to Berry, the school board doesn’t see the school outgrowing this expansion any time soon and that there will be no further need to grow.
The expansion will also see the addition of several small group rooms, which can allow for small classes or school clubs to meet in a more intimate setting, away from the hustle and bustle of the school. The labs will also be state of the art, said Berry, who added that they could include items like 3-D printers, robotics equipment and media classes.
Regarding the cost of construction will be paid for entirely from the Facility Support Program of Kentucky, a building fund for public schools. “It will not affect the general fund at all,” Berry said. “It is completely from the building fund.”
The recent tax increase by the school district also went into the bond potential to assist in paying for the Edhub. He stressed that the state matched the money raised by the Nickel Tax. “[The Nickel Tax] is the same one used by Henry County in 2005, which helped them build their new high school,” Berry said. “[The state] actually gives you the matching monies to whatever the community raises, which therefore kind of doubles the use of that tax.”
Many of the details of the project are still coming together, but currently the plan proposed by architects Studio Kramer would consist of building the expansion on top of the current parking lot space on the side of the school toward Eminence. Berry hopes to begin construction sometime in the fall or winter of this year, but stressed that the project could take two years or longer.