Eminence Speaker wins trade award

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By Brad Bowman

The Martha Layne Collins International Trade Excellence Awards named Eminence Speaker its award winner this year as a creative international distributor committed to international trade and a valuable contributor to its local economy.

Eminence Speaker employs 130 workers at its Eminence location was started 46 years ago by Bob Gault.  Eminence Speaker’s original site employed 30 people in a building. Gault moved his business to the area as it was a convenient location for shipping and in close proximity to Louisville, Lexington and Cincinnati.

Gault worked as an engineer for Magnavox and Chicago Telephone Supply. The company moved into a larger facility in Shawnee Industrial Park in 1977. Eminence Speaker President Chris Rose considers the success of the company synonymous with the city and its people.

“Bob Gault originally located in Eminence because it was a convenient location for shipping to most of our customer base, and because there was a good labor pool of hard working people to join the Eminence team,” Rose said. “ The city of Eminence still provides us with the same advantages 46 years later. We are proud of our city, county and the community in which we work and reside.  We are sincerely grateful for their continued support. “

Eminence Speaker products equal and are comparable replacements for vintage speakers such as the Goodmans Audiom 60s 15-watt speakers found in the British Vox AC30 amps made popular by artists such as the Beatles, U2’s Edge, and REM’s Peter Buck. They also rival Vox’s speaker replacement: Celestion speakers or the Jensen speakers found in the modern Fender Twin Reverb amplifier. The company has worked closely with artists like Eric Johnson.

“Usually, our marketing manager, Cobi Stein handles all artist relations, but often our engineers and other team members get involved as well,” Rose said. “We just did a signature model speaker for world acclaimed guitarist, Eric Johnson. We know and work with artists like Gary Morse from Ronnie Dunn, Paul Jackson Jr., from The Rickey Minor Band and American Idol, Jeff King with Reba McEntire, Chris Poland from Megadeth, Pete Anderson from Dwight Yocum and many others. Our friends The Kentucky Headhunters were gracious enough to come and give us a personal concert in our parking lot a few years ago.

It is unquestionably a very fun industry.”

Rose said the award confirms Eminence Speakers value in the world marketplace.

“The World Trade Center of Kentucky Martha Lane Collins International Trade Excellence Award validates Eminence Speaker LLC’s efforts to further the distribution of our products outside of the USA,” Rose said. “To be recognized by our peers in our home state where there are many progressive and successful manufacturers is a distinct honor.  It has also motivated our Eminence team to continue to push forward with our goal to make the Eminence brand the most well-known and respected loudspeaker brand in our industry.”  

Eminence Speaker makes speakers for other equipment manufacturers like Fender, Peavey, Yamaha, Mesa Engineering and Ampeg. The company sells stock to distributors and dealers in 85 countries across the world.

The award criteria included that nominees had to illustrate robust performance in international trade and have a unique and creative international strategy.

The company has 24 distributors in the U.S. and additional distributors outside the country. There are two loudspeaker assembly lines in Kentucky with an output capacity of 2,750 units per 10-hr shift and a loudspeaker assembly line plant in China that produces 800 units per 10-hour shift.

Rose continues to keep the company’s philosophy simple.

“We make quality loudspeakers by hand here in Eminence, Kentucky USA, and sell them to our customers at a fair price,” Rose said. “It sounds simple, but that’s what our founder, Bob Gault taught us, and what we believe will ultimately take us successfully into the future.”

For more information about Eminence Speaker visit www.eminence.com.

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