Endorsement for Massie

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Thomas Massie: The man for the job

When they find themselves in Washington among 434 other lawmakers looking to be heard, members of Congress either emerge as leaders who remain true to the people for their districts and who others follow, or they end up as run-of-the-mill politicians who simply go along to get along.

Thomas Massie will be the former. A proven small business owner in the tech industry, he’ll bring innovative ideas to Washington to cut through the redundant mess in the nation’s Capitol.  He’ll truly represent our district as a leader who will vote to get America back on track, regardless of what the establishment elites have to say.

When we look at the members of Congress that have been elected and are sitting in Washington, many of them are lawyers by trade. Are they able to provide us with a new vision that we need for solutions to our country’s problems? Thomas is a visionary and he understands the problems of our country. I respected the hard work that Geoff Davis did for Henry County and I am convinced that Thomas Massie is cut from the same mold and will represent our county and his district well. He will have huge shoes to fill.

I want my vote to be one that fights for our principles. And Thomas Massie’s vote will be our vote.

We have the opportunity to elect to Congress a real game changer, someone who will represent us proudly and lead our country. Vote for Thomas Massie on Nov. 6 to ensure your voice is heard every day for the next two years.

Bonnie Martin