Event shows off youthful talent

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By Cathy Toole

The Henry County 4-H Communication Event took place Feb. 28, at the Henry County Extension office.  The evening began with speeches.  Jakob Beckley gave a speech entitled “Change” in the 14-year-old category.  Jakob spoke on how communities as well as people change sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  Jakob received a blue and champion.


Katherine Buckler gave a speech on “Texting and Driving” and the danger involved with distracted drivers on the road.  Katherine received a red and champion ribbon in the 13-year-old category.  Camryn McManis’ speech was on videos and how they can be used to help the player or can be harmful to those who play.  It was a very interesting perspective on video technology.  Camryn received a blue and champion for her speech in the 12-year-old category.

In the demonstration portion of the evening, Kassidy Allen shared with the audience “The Equine Eye” and how horses have several layers of eyelids that help protect their eyes.  Kassidy received a red and champion for the animal science category. 

In the science and natural resources category, Emily Bratton shared with the audience how to extract honey from a bee hive.  Emily has started a business of her own selling the honey she collects.  Emily received blue and champion ribbons. 

In the Presentation Software Division, Katherine Buckler used her computer program to demonstrate how to make fleece scarves.  She received a blue and champion.  Ethan Dockter also gave a presentation on “How to Get a Pig to Sit.” His very entertaining video and demonstration received a blue ribbon. 

In the Crafts and Photography category Camryn McManis gave a demonstration entitled “Photography Basics.”  Her very informative demonstration received a blue and champion. 

In the Team Demonstration category Kellyn and Kendyll Smith demonstrated the “Basics of Jazz and Ballet”.  The team received a blue and champion.

In the Foods category Jakob Beckley presented “Salad Time” and received a blue and champion.

The Variety Show was filled with talented youth.  To begin the talent portion of the evening the junior vocalists performed.  There were three young ladies Caitlin Beutel, Jessica Archer and Jessalyn Poff.  Each participant received a red ribbon and Jessalyn was chosen as class champion. 

Next up in the junior instrumental division was Kassidy Allen playing the violin.  Kassisdy received a red and champion. 

In the Physical Skills junior division, Katherine Buckler performed a ballet to “Indescribable.”  Kendyll and Kellyn Smith did a jazz performance to “Black and White.”  Both of the acts received blue and champions and chosen to represent Henry County in the upcoming district communications event.

A big thank you to the judges for the evening:  Alice Newman, Brenda Simpson and James Simpson.  Also I want to thank the parents for their support.  Congratulations to all of you for a job well done. 

The district event will be in Trimble County on April 27.