Exhibit Hall - A Trip Well Worth Your Time

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By Maryellen Garrison

If you didn’t take the opportunity to see the exhibits at the Henry County Fair Exhibit Hall you missed seeing the biggest and best display we have had in years.

There were hundreds of top quality arts, crafts, home baked goodies and produce entered by more than 100 different individuals. If you did miss the Fair be sure to plan to attend the Henry County Harvest Showcase scheduled from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, July 28 at the Henry County Fairgrounds. For more information call us at 845 - 2811.

Below is a listing of the Blue Ribbon Winners in the Henry County Fair Open Class:

Arts & Crafts

Woodcraft - Kelly Dockter, Handmade Jewelry - Saundra Smith, Silk Holiday - Joy Jeffries, Models from Kit - Luke Yantz, Handmade Model - Ralph Yantz, Recycled - Dee Dee yantz, Acrylic Painting - Gabe Adams, Oil Painting - Jeanne Kemper, Drawing - Stephanie Wood, Scrapbooking - Shannon Bratton, Miscellaneous - Robbie Jaehnigen, Child Art Under 9 - Grace Adams, Student Art over 9 - Kellyn Smith, B&W Animal Photography - Stephanie Wood, B&W Horticulture Photo - Dee Dee Yantz , B&W People Photo - Stephanie Wood, B&W Misc. Photo - Stephanie Wood, Color Animal Photography - Caleb Smith, Color Horticulture Photo - Stephanie Wood, Color Photo of people - Cassie Tingle, Color Misc. Photo - Camryn McMannis.


Doll - Reba Hance, Pieced Quilt - Reba Hance, Other Quilted Item - Helen Coombs, Crochet Afghan - Dee Dee Yantz, Crochet Item - Carol Coombs, Machine Embroidery - Carol Coombs, Knitted Item - Mary Margaret Krahulec, Specialty Knitted Item - Mary Margaret Krahulec, Cross Stitch - Frances Fink, Plastic Needlepoint - Charlie Sevier, Needlework by Child - Kellyn Smith, Weaving - Mary Margaret Krahulec, Child’s Garment - Shannon Bratton, Best Dressy Dress - Tina Smith, Miscellaneous - Shannon Bratton.


Pole Green Beans - Dee Dee Yantz, Bunch Beans - Karen Shannon, Beets - Lamon Wright, Cabbage - Richard Coombs, yellow Corn - Barbara Gregory, Slicing Cucumbers - Janie Wright, Pickling Cucumbers - Janie Wright, Eggplant - Richard Coombs, Okra - Dee Dee Lantz, Green Onions - Barbara Gregory, Hot Peppers - Robbie Jaehnigen, Sweet Peppers - Dee Dee Yantz, Potatoes - Dee Dee Yantz, Rhubarb - Lynn Garrison, Ripe Tomatoes - Dee Dee Yantz, Green Tomatoes - Dee Dee Yantz, Garden Display - Dee Dee Yantz, Summer Squash - Janie Wright, Zucchini - Barbara Gregory, Greens - Dee Dee Yantz, Grapes - Jeanne Kemper, Apples - Barbara Gregory, Blackberries - Lynn Garrison, Blueberries - Lynn Garrison, Pears - Dee Dee Yantz, Assorted Fruit Plate - Lynn Garrison, Any Other - Dee Dee Yantz.

Floral Arrangements

Dining Arrangement - Janie Wright, Arrangement by a child - Lindsey Macintosh, Miniature Arrangement - Janie Wright, African Violet - Lamon Wright, Begonia - Carol Bryner, Potted Foliage - LeAnne Yancey, Blooming Plant - Janie Wright, Geranium - Janie Wright.

Cut Flowers

Assortment - Robbie Jaehnigen, Pom - Pom Zinnias - Jeanne Kemper, Large Zinnias - Jeanne Kemper, Petunias - Robbie Jaehnigen, Large Marigolds - Cassie Tingle, Small Marigolds - Richard Coombs, Miscellaneous Flower - Carolyn Jeffries, Day Lily - Saundra Smith, Hybrid Lily - Saundra Smith, Sun Flower - Emily Bratton, Calla Lily - Stephanie Smith, Knock Out Rose Single - Robbie Jaehnigen, Double Knock Out Rose - LeAnne Yancey,


Devil’s Food Cake - Jeanne Kemper, Angel Food Cake - Jeanne Kemper, Coconut Cake - Jeanne Kemper, Decorated Cake Adult - Robbie Jaehnigen, Decorated Cake Youth - Luke Yantz, Chocolate Chip Cookie - Dee Dee Yantz, Peanut Butter Cookies - Dee Dee Yantz, Brownies - Dee Dee Yantz, Sugar - Dee Dee Yantz, Oatmeal - Jeanne Kemper, Any Other Cookie - Dee Dee Yantz, Assorted Cookies - Jeanne Kemper, Yeast Bread - Dee Dee Yantz, Quick Bread - Dee Dee Yantz, Biscuits - Dee Dee Yantz, Peanut Butter Fudge - Dee Dee Yantz, Chocolate Fudge - Juanita Pyles, Divinity - Jeanne Kemper, Assorted Plate - Jeanne Kemper, Any Other item - Jeanne Kemper, Special Item Baked by a Man - Luke Yantz, Sweet Pickles - Jeanne Kemper, Mixed Relish - Jeanne Kemper, Beet Pickles - Jeanne Kemper, Bread and Butter Pickle - Jeanne Kemper, Dill Pickle - Dee Dee Yantz, Any Other Pickle - Jeanne Kemper, Blackberries - Jeanne Kemper, Cherries - Jeanne Kemper, Applesauce - Dee Dee Yantz,, Tomato Juice - Janie Wright, Salsa - Sherry Breeding, Baby Beets - Dee Dee Yantz, String Beans - Jeanne Kemper, Any Other - Dee Dee Yantz, Blackberry Jam - Sherry Breeding, Apple Butter - Karen Shannon, Any Other Jam - Jeanne Kemper, Educational programs of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability, or national origin.