Family can’t rely on local pharmacy

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I would like to respond to Mr. (Lance) Minnis’ opinion in the Sept. 19 edition of the Henry County Local. 

Like him, I’m a supporter of local and small businesses (I hope to open one myself someday) and the benefits that they bring to their communities as outlined by Mr. Minnis.

Before I go further I just want to say that while I currently reside in Lexington, I spend four days a week here in Eminence with my wife (a life time resident of Henry County) who lives with and takes care of her mother.  I have been coming to Eminence ever since 1996 when I was 16.  I’m now 32.  I have seen businesses come and go over the years (Shell, Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant, the opening of Family Dollar, and Deli-Plus to name a few) so I’m quite familiar with Eminence. 

With that said, I would like to respectfully offer a different opinion.  My wife’s family depends on lifesaving medications.  One member has diabetes and seizures while another is a liver recipient and needs anti-rejection drugs.  They relied on Cook’s Pharmacy to supply them with these drugs.  However, there are plenty of times when they don’t have enough of the drugs if they have them ready at all.  I even had a sister-in-law visit there very recently and was told “we forgot to order the medicine” for her 6-year-old son.  CVS always has the medicine needed by everyone.  Yes, CVS might knock down a couple of buildings but (a) when has Eminence done anything to preserve its buildings and (b) didn’t Browning’s knock a few down to expand his car dealership only a few years ago?  I can agree with the possible light pollution “all night” but that would only be if it were open 24 hours.  I have seen plenty of pharmacies in Shelbyville that are pretty dark after hours.

I recognize the competition that CVS will bring to Cook’s, but CVS and Norm’s?  CVS is not a grocery store.  It won’t sell half the items that Norm’s does.  Also, I don’t know why there is such a fuss over CVS coming to Eminence.  There are other big business chains here already like Dollar General, Taco Bell, KFC, Dairy Queen, and Marathon.  I also didn’t hear any fuss over the most recent stores: Family Dollar and Subway.  Are any of them giving back to the community?  After all this aren’t Cook’s and Norm’s still here?

I have at least one family member that has switched services elsewhere since they can’t rely on the local pharmacy anymore for lifesaving drugs.

Robert K. Beaton