Family thanks community for support

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By The Staff

We would like to share with you what an amazing community this is to live in.  On Aug. 15, Doug was involved in a tractor accident that left him trapped under a tractor for two hours and very lucky to be alive!  Even though the accident happened in Elmburg at his parent’s farm, people came to the rescue from all over. 

Doug suffered injuries ranging from a fractured pelvis (which required four pins being placed in his pelvis with an external fixture bar holding them together), two broken ribs and fractured right shoulder blade.  He was a patient at the University of Louisville for five days and then moved to Frazier Rehabilitation Center for the next two weeks.  And then continued recovery at home with the help of North Central Home Health Care.

During this time, we could not have made it without the outpouring support from family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers!  From the cards, prayers, putting in the tobacco, mowing the yard, building the ramp, meals, money and most of all taking care of Connor-there is no way we could have made it without any of you. 

And the most recent act of kindness, Drennon Trail Ride. 

Sherry and Junie Hardin, Rosie Dunaway, Ted Johnson and the ladies at New Castle Elementary put so much time and effort into planning this awesome event.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the donors for the auction items, land owners for allowing the trail riders to pass through their land, Henry County Farmers Market and anyone else that helped out with the weekend long event whether you served a meal, bought a t-shirt or food, made a monetary donation, listened to the band or rode a horse; we appreciate everything. 

I would like to list everyone that has helped our family in the past 10 weeks, but I would not dare for fear of leaving someone out.  I must tell you what amazing families we both have!  To start off, my grandparents, Charlie and Sue James; words cannot express what the both of them have done.  Next, Doug’s parents, EB and Mary Shaw; they have not been in the best of health but have put Doug before any of their needs and helped out with so much.  Our son, Derek and his wife Brandy, we love you and thank you for bringing your little brother back and forth to the hospital and everything else you have done.  Last, my parents, Ronnie and Charlotte Grigsby; where do we begin!  They were my life line the night of the accident, taking me to the accident, staying with me at the hospital, making sure the tobacco crop made it to the barn (with all of the great help that came out), building the ramp for Doug to get in and out of the house with and most all-keeping Connor (our 7-year old-son) while Doug was in the hospital.  You have no idea what each of you mean to us, we love you very much.

I truly believe that Doug would not be here with us today, without the power of prayer!  Trust me, to receive the phone call that your loved one was trapped, you have no idea what can run through your mind.  I have lived in Bethlehem my entire life and have always loved this community.  Some may say, you live too far out, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Thank you!

Renee and Doug Shaw