Fifth annual Biggest Loser to begin July 15

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By Maryellen Garrison

Be getting your teams together for the Biggest Loser Contest, which will be running from July 15 through Sept. 24.

Teams should be at least three people and there is a $20 entry fee per person which will be payable at the initial weigh-in and $5 weight management fees for not showing up for a weigh in or for gaining weight.

North Central District Health Department will be offering blood sugar and  blood pressure screenings at the initial and ending weigh-ins which will be held at the Henry Christian Church. 

All contestants must be 18 or older and may participate in any weight loss or exercise plan they chose but are encouraged to consult with their personal physician before starting any weight loss program and also be sure to keep them advised.  There will be weekly fees charged of $5 for those who gain weight or who fail to show up for the weigh-in  and again this year everyone who completes the program,  weighs in on the final week, has all fees paid and attends the final Celebration will receive a $10 refund.

After the registration week you will also be able to weigh-in on Monday mornings from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Henry County Extension Office or on Sundays 12:30 to 2 p.m., or Mondays 6 to 7:30 p.m., at the Henry Christian Church.  For more information call (502) 845-4728 Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. -2 p.m. 

Why join the Biggest Loser?  Kentucky is consistently ranked among the top 10 states for obesity and obesity-related diseases. There have been many programs developed to assist those trying to lose weight in becoming more health oriented but research has shown that competition and financial gain seem to be two of the biggest motivators for weight loss.  Last year we had 59 participants in 13 teams register for the 10-week competition which included weekly weigh-ins, weekly educational sessions and handouts. The participants lost a total of 609 pounds! Five participants lost 10 percent or more of their body weight; and seven participants lost 20 pounds or more. We had 12 couples who participated and the top couple lost 62 pounds.

Comments made at the final celebration by participants included: “This program really got me motivated due to my weight loss my doctor took me off my cholesterol medication”, “I knew I needed to lose weight and I was also concerned about my granddaughter’s weight. I have changed our eating habits and we no longer drink soft drinks”.

So if you want results like these get a team together and get ready to be the Biggest Loser! 


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