Fire station situation is a crisis

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By The Staff

This city has a crisis on its hands. The fire station. At this time, it is inoperable. The fire department has one tanker truck in there, hoping the water the truck carries and needs doesn’t freeze. This information I got first hand from a volunteer firefighter.

Here is a fact that everyone needs to grasp ... Campbellsburg needs the fire department. It is one of three vital services we need for our safety and our very lives. Police, fire and ambulance services are the ones that answer our calls for help. Remember, they can truly make a difference whether you live or die.

That said, stop the constant bickering, finger-pointing, blame-laying and urine-contest. The building was under-insured, big mistake right off the bat. There is an issue over handicapped bathrooms and urinals. Issues on the kitchen, washer and dryer placement, and strangely, carpet in the firehouse. Why would anyone even think of carpet?

This all needs to be water under the bridge. Get over it! It doesn’t matter now how we got here, the point should be now we have an inoperable firehouse. It is crucial that it is up and running. The time to remember those he said, she said arguments is when it’s time to vote.

Now is the time to sit down and figure out what has to be done to fix the firehouse. Since the principle players seem to rehash the problem to death and seem stuck, it doesn’t appear the problems are being solved. Get a committee together with the principle players and a fresh mediator. Is there any money left? What can be done with it, how far can it be stretched? No money left? Then people, it’s up to us. This fire department is the one that is going to try and save your house, barn, etc.

The fire department goes door to door to collect for Crusade for Children. Now it’s our turn. It’s time for neighbors to collect from those around them and drop the money off at the mayor’s office. Does the firehouse need a kitchen still? I have a couple of 2x4s in the garage they can have. Not enough to build a counter or cabinet, but it’s a start. Can anyone donate their time and skill to build a simple counter top for a kitchen? If we collect enough donated wood, insulation, whatever, surely the contractors can do the job.

I know first hand that these are hard economic times. How many people live in this city and depend on that fire station? If people could donate the change in their pockets, that would be something. The churches in the community could have bake sales with proceeds donated to the firehouse. Maybe an extra pass of the collection plate.

People of Campbellsburg, we need to come together and put this firehouse on its feet. I’ve only lived here for three years, maybe I’m wrong, but I thought in a smaller community people were more tight-knit and concerned for their neighbors and community. I am not suggesting an increase in taxes or a specific excise tax. I am suggesting we donate money, supplies, do fundraisers and anything else anyone can think of to get our fire department up and running. We the people can do this. Those three simple words are the beginning to the American Constitution, and I believe they are three of the most powerful words any American can utter.

Let’s come together and make sure our city has a fire department that has everything it needs to keep us alive and our selfless volunteer firemen safe.

Renee M. Rommel