Fiscal responsibility should be commended

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I truly hope my fellow Henry County residents realize how fortunate we are to have fiscally responsible county leaders. (“Magistrates to cut $150k from budget”)
Politicians nationwide love to raise taxes and increase spending. Taxpayer’s money, spent on the currently acceptable special interest, can mean votes for politicians; and politicians love votes. Big budgets make politicians feel powerful. This goes along with the theory that government can solve everyone’s problems. One only has to look to the highly taxed states of California, New York, or Illinois to see the fallacy in this thinking.
Even Democrats like me are realizing, thanks in part to the current occupant of the White House, that government cannot continue to spend without grave consequences for the future of our country. While there’s always another “good cause”, government is not the answer.
In the past, fiscal responsibility has not been as popular as spending taxpayer money. Judge-Executive John Logan Brent and our magistrates are to be commended for the courage to say “no” to the endless cycle of higher spending and higher taxes.

Fleet Smith