Five options for recycling in Henry County

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By The Staff

In the Summer of 2009, Henry County began to enjoy the benefits of an expanded recycling opportunity. Our County Judge and Fiscal Court included in the last garbage collection franchise a provision that required the successful bidder to locate recycling collection bins at various sites around the county. I want to reiterate my appreciation to them for doing this. As a result, we all have the opportunity to recycle glass, tin cans, aluminum cans, newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic containers and many other recyclable items without driving as far as was once necessary. Until such time as we are able to obtain the service of door to door recyclable pickup, I hope everyone will take advantage of this service.

These collection bins are located at the following locations:

1) The County Barn on Property Road, New Castle

2) Eminence High School next to the Presbyterian Church

3) Henry County High School

4) Eastern Elementary

5) Campbellsburg Elementary

As of yet, these bins are not well marked, so please call the County Judge’s office at 845-5707 for the exact location of the bin near you. Better signage is in the process of being provided by the Eminence Christian Church Green Committee and will be in place soon.

We should all do our part for the environment and recycling is one easy thing we can do. Please reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, turn off the light switch, drive less and drive a smaller vehicle. The answer to global environmental issues begins with each of us consuming responsibly.

William H. Brammell Sr.

New Castle