Gary Moore for Congress

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We hear a lot of rhetoric these days, however we deserve someone with a real vision and a proven record to serve us in the U.S. Congress. Gary Moore is the only candidate in the field with the experienced leadership necessary for real change in Washington.

Moore’s plan for a balanced budget amendment is a commitment to change the culture in Washington.  While others may agree in theory, Moore is the only candidate with the track record to prove it.

Moore has served as judge-executive with honor. His service has been laser focused on economic development and in case you haven’t noticed, Boone Country has excelled during these hard economic times. Since 2008, Gary has cut nearly $4 million from budget and property tax rates are down 7 percent. And because of his hard work, that community has seen more than 13,000 new jobs created and the lowest unemployment rate in the district at 6.9 percent.

Most important, he is a man of faith and shares my values of being pro-life and protecting the Second Amendment. We should expect more from our leadership and that’s why, I’m supporting Gary Moore for Congress.

Less than two months away from the primary elections, we need to examine the candidates that are running and the stance that they have on important issues that can affect our community. That is why I am taking this time to ask for your support for Gary Moore and make the right choice by voting for one that will help our community to move forward.

Ricky Doyle