Go Out and VOTE!

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With the election of our Circuit Clerk fast approaching I would encourage all citizens of Henry County to get out and vote.  Have a say in how our county is run.  I personally endorse Nick Hawkins.  I first met Nick 16 years ago, he was in high school working his summers to help raise tobacco in Port Royal for extra cash. I then, several years later, had the opportunity to work with Nick in the Henry County Youth Football League. We coached and served on the board until he left to pursue his true calling, serving his community! He is dedicated to helping his fellow neighbor to better the place he and now his children, and our children, will grow up in.

I feel assured there is no one more dedicated and devoted to getting the job done than Nick. As magistrate he has worked relentlessly on ensuring the people’s voice be heard. He has worked behind the scenes to help bring the new park from ideal to reality. With whatever project he has at hand, no matter how small or how big he gives all his time and effort for the better good of the community. We need leaders in office with integrity, commitment and strong Christian values.  Nick Hawkins has all these, which is why I believe he is the right person for the job. Don’t be the one sitting around talking about why this, why that. Go out and vote: Nick Hawkins for Circuit Clerk. He will get the job done!

Jason Warner

Port Royal