Has summer been hard on your wallet & waist?

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By Maryellen Garrison

Small Steps to Health and Wealth
We are going to be offering an on-line program called “Small Steps to Health and Wealth” to help you reach goals that relate to both your health and your wealth. The program will run from Sunday, September 4 to Sunday October 2 and enrollment is Free and there will some small giveaways to the first 150 participants across the state. To enroll go to the website at njaes.rutgers.edu/sshw.
Then follow the “Challenges” link, download the User’s Guide, Set up a Username and Password and start tracking your progress on Sept. 4! The program is being provided because many of us are experiencing “issues” related to our health (e.g., diabetes and obesity) or personal finances (e.g., high debt and low savings) or both.
On the other hand small, positive behavior changes, such as saving $5 or cutting 100 calories a day, make a big difference over time and are always better than taking no action at all. You will learn about 25 behavior change strategies that can be applied at the same time to improve both your health and personal finances.
If you are not an on-line sort of person please stop by the Extension Office to receive a free copy of the “Small Steps to Health and Wealth” textbook. The text book and fact sheets will provide you with information to help you take charge of your future. They were designed primarily for young and middle-aged adults to provide motivation to take action to improve both health and personal finances. Each of the 25 behavior change strategies has health and wealth “action steps” and one or more worksheets that provide an opportunity to apply the strategy to your health and wealth goals and life situation.
Living Well with Chronic Disease Self-Management Program: this program is being sponsored by the Henry County Diabetic Coalition, the Henry County Resource Coalition, and the Henry County Extension Office and is also free.
The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program is a six-week series of workshops that meet for 2 ½ hours one day a week, starting Oct. 5 and ending Nov 9 from 1 until 3:30 p.m. at the Henry County Extension Office. People with different chronic health problems like diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc. attend learning and practicing together for six weeks. Subjects covered include:
• Techniques to deal with problems and symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as frustration, fatigue, pain, negative emotions and isolation
• Physical activity/movement for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
• Appropriate and effective use of medications
• Communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals
• Nutrition and supportive food decisions
• Evaluating new treatment options
The Workshop package is valued at over $150 but the registration is free for this session and includes six workshops and a resource book called “Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Condition” and a relaxation tape.
These workshops have been taught all over the United States and the sessions are lively and participative; workshop participants’ talk, share, practice skills and learn together over the six weeks. Mutual support and success build the participants’ confidence in their ability to manage their health and maintain active and fulfilling lives.

The Self-Management Program does not conflict with existing programs or treatment. It is designed to enhance regular treatment and disease-specific education. In a lot of situations, many people have more than one chronic condition. The program is especially helpful for these people; it gives them the skills to manage their health, as well as, to help them keep active in their lives.

Linda Cloud, R.N. with Kentucky Retirement Systems has completed and received certification through Stanford University School of Medicine as a Program Leader to educate the communities in Kentucky about the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program.

If you are interested in participation in a Living Well workshop, please contact: Mona Huff at 502-845-6849 or monahuff.herykipda@gmail.com.

Preregistering is required and space is limited. Call and reserve a place today.

The University of Kentucky is an Equal Opportunity Organization.