Hatfields are the real McCoy

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By Pat Wallace

It is always exciting to have a new business come to Henry County.  Hatfield Media recently opened in New Castle, and they can do just about anything you might need to promote your business.
Did you ever wish you could have your own website with online broadcasting for special events in high definition?

From multi-camera event broadcasting to private simulcasts, Hatfield Media can deliver a crystal clear video broadcast across the globe. Not only can businesses get the word out but brides who have family scattered across the country can now have their wedding broadcast so all the family members can feel they are part of the event, but they don’ t have to actually be in the church.

Drake and Danielle Hatfield enjoy the one on one aspect of their business and take pride that all details are covered, whether it be a business video, a wedding, a commercial, music video, or filming a live concert.

Perhaps your business needs a great website with interviews or specials highlighted. Hatfield can take care of that, and promote your business in such a way that people will actually visit your website.

The Hatfields are very interested in meeting new people discovering way to help improve businesses in this community.  They enjoy promoting small businesses and working with people one on one.  Their attitude is to do the job right or not do it at all, and as a result their customers receive outstanding work.
If you want to do a festival event, he can set up the lights and sound systems as well as film it for display on youtube/vimeo.  If you would like a presentation of his work, he enjoys speaking to groups and sharing information on what his company can do, as well as private meetings.

Depending on the scope of the job you might want done, prices generally range from $500 to $1500.  A promotional video or brief commercial highlighting your business would typically run in the range of $500 to $750.

Welcome to Henry County, Hatfield Media!  The Chamber knows your business will be a  true compliment to our other small business in the county.  You can check out the work of this talented family at www.Hatfieldmedia.com. You an e-mail him at Drake@Hatfieldmedia.com or contact Drake or Danielle at 502-509-3349 to discuss what you would like to do to promote your business, family event, or festival.