HC girls play Ryder Cup style match

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By Tommie Kendall

In a change of events, the Henry County girls’ golf team hosted Oldham County at the Henry County Country Club last Thursday afternoon in a Ryder Cup style match.

The two teams split into pairs for one-versus-one play. The winner of each hole won a point and the golfer with the most points after the nine holes was rewarded with one point for the team. There were four pairs.

The idea was brought up when Henry did not have a match scheduled for last week and Oldham agreed to make a trip to Henry County. Instead of a typical match, where the teams play in foursomes and the scores are added up at the end of the day, they decided to mix things up by playing a different style. HCHS coach Kathy Peyton said she might take her team to the Oldham County Country Club for a similar match in a couple of weeks.

“It was fun. The girls really enjoyed it,” Peyton said. “We just wanted to do something different. We’re pretty competitive with Oldham and we decided to add this.”

Playing  in the top spot, Oldham’s Megan Teiss finished with three birdies and shot a 38 for nine holes, while Henry’s MacKenzie Peyton shot a 43 and lost the round to give Oldham a 1-0 advantage. In the second spot, Ally Vaughn shot a 40 and Leah Pelke a 43 to tie the score at 1 each. In the third spot, Eric Hardin shot a 45 and Samantha Woods a 48 to put Oldham back on top. And in the fourth spot, Emily Hensley shot a 49 and tied with Abby Mohon to leave Oldham with 2.5 points and Henry with 1.5.

“We didn’t know who would end until it came down to the final hole,” Peyton said of the back-and-forth play.

Also playing behind the four pairs were Taylor Stanley, who shot a 57, and MacKenzie Clifford, who shot a 67.

Individual scores were kept to keep an average for the season. Henry would have finished at 180 in a typical match that included the best four scores.

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