HC goat goes Diva

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By Melissa Blankenship

Landmark News Service

Georgia is a long way to go for a bra fitting, especially if you’re a goat.

But that’s exactly where Betty, an “extremely well-endowed” Myotonic goat, went to get a little special attention from Cynthia Richards and Molly Hopkins of the Lifetime Channel reality show “Double Divas.”

The premise of the show is that the owners design and create custom lingerie, especially bras, for clients with special needs. Betty certainly has special needs.

Betty’s owner, Kathy Jacobs, contacted the show during its first season to see if the lingerie designers could help her goat. Because her underside isn’t too far off the ground to begin with, Betty’s ample udder would drag the ground after giving birth to her kids, creating an uncomfortable and unsafe condition for the goat.

“I saw a commercial for the show that said they made custom bras of any size,” Jacobs said. “So I sent an email asking them if they would make a bra for Betty if I sent in her measurements.”

Jacobs said she was surprised to receive a reply right away asking her to bring Betty to the lingerie store near Atlanta for a taping of the show. But Jacobs was concerned about trying to drive a very pregnant Betty all the way to Georgia. The producers were persistent and asked if Jacobs could bring her after she had her babies.

“Well, she kidded triplets and she was massive,” Jacobs said. “After she hurt one of her teats, I finally agreed to make the trip.”

Jacobs said the show’s producers took care of everything, renting a large cargo van for Betty and her three nursing kids, making arrangements for a hotel room for the human — and a goat suite at a nearby farm — and providing money for gas and meals. Jacobs was impressed with how well organized and arranged everything was and fully expected to arrive in Georgia and receive Betty’s bra. Little did she know that her arrival would be a surprise to the stars of the show.

“There’s no script. They had only told the girls that they would be taping that day and that they had a potential customer coming in,” Jacobs said. “They hadn’t told her anything about it being a goat.”

And Betty wasn’t in the best of moods, so Jacobs was worried about how the reality stars would react. But as soon as Hopkins and Richards laid eyes on Betty, they went right to work, manuevering under the goat to get a better idea of what they needed to create in order to alleviate the goat’s weighty situation.

“One of the girls said, ‘Look at her boobies! Let’s get her in the store; she needs our help’,” Jacobs said.

So Betty and her kids were taken into LiviRae Lingerie so the mother goat could be measured and fitted. Jacobs said the two women were in the fitting room with Betty for quite a while before her new “bra” was brought out.

“They used a masectomy bra with lots of support,” Jacobs said. “It held her teats up, but left them available for her babies to nurse.”

Jacobs said that as soon as the bra was put on her, Betty suddenly turned into a “happy camper,” smiling at each camera. At that moment, her kids started to nurse. The burden had been lifted from the little goat and she seemed visibly relieved, Jacobs said.

“The difference in the goat was amazing. I told them they ought to patent it,” said Jacobs, who’s been raising goats for more than 25 years. “It’s a recurring issue for dairy goats, and I’ve tried just about everything for her and nothing has worked until now.”

Jacobs noted that Hopkins and Richards were very genuinely concerned for Betty’s welfare, and having watched the show, she knew the ladies also supported breast cancer awareness and research and often helped breast cancer survivors with handmade bras to suit each one’s particular circumstance.

“Which is only fitting, because Betty is named after my sister, who passed away from breast cancer,” Jacobs said. “So it kind of came full circle.”

Kathy Jacobs farms in Henry County, but serves as the executive director of the Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information about her goats, visit www.goathillfarm.net. For more information about Double Divas, visitwww.mylifetime/shows/doubledivas.com. For information about Myotonic (fainting) goats, visit myotonicgoatregistry.net.