HC Native is Humana Medicare expert

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By Pat Wallace

Executive Director, Henry County Chamber of Commerce

As we age, our needs change, and so does our insurance.  Medicare becomes our main focus, but how many really understand what coverage is available?

It is really easy to become overwhelmed with all of the choices offered to the senior population, but most people do not know help is readily available.  Henry County native Hannah Lewis is considered by Humana MarketPOINT to be the “Medicare Expert” in our communities, and she will be focusing on helping each person find the best policy for his or her specific needs.

Lewis has deep roots in Henry County.  Her great grandmother ran the post office in Bethlehem for many years and her grandmother taught music at Henry County High.  Her grandfather is Lee Peyton and her uncle is Cecil Peyton, beloved postmaster at Bethlehem.  These men influenced her and made her realize that she should be proud to be from Henry County, and they had a positive influence on her future by encouraging her to assist people in whatever field she chose.

“I have always wanted to help people,” Lewis said. “Even in elementary school, I shared my lunch with everyone else.”  Her major focus as a career agent for Humana is the senior population.  “My mother (Laura Lewis) taught us to respect the people who have given so much to our community, and I think this prepared me for the opportunity that I have now to help our seniors and give back to our community.”

Lewis prepared well for her job with Humana.  She received a diverse education at Spaulding University where she learned to think outside the box.  When she joined Humana a year ago, she received intense training which helped her understand the insurance world.  She continues to receive up-to-date instruction so she has the latest information to help her clients.

One of the advantages of having a career specialist help you choose the best insurance for your needs is that she can help you understand that Medicare does not cover everything.  She will point out the right plan to supplement the coverage you now have.

Often insurance salespeople get a bad rap.  Hannah emphasizes that not all insurance people are bad.  “Humana prides itself on educating agents and members so that the experience is helpful and informative.  I personally believe that every Humana member I meet with has an opportunity they might not get elsewhere.  We want the members and their families to be comfortable with the company and insurance plan they choose.  My favorite part is leaving an individual’s home feeling like I have made a difference in their life.  Insurance is scary for many people and it shouldn’t be.”

Hannah can be reached at 502-939-3955.  Her enthusiastic attitude and command of insurance information will help you make those difficult choices that become very important as our population ages.  Also don’t forget that she can help those who do not yet qualify for Medicare and need individual health plans.  You don’t even have to travel to discuss your needs with her.  She will visit you in your home and get every detail done for you.

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