H.C. Sheriff’s office to make arrest tied to Pool Hall burglary

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By The Staff

The Henry County Sheriff’s Department is prepared to make an arrest in the case of a late December burglary in Pleasureville.


Detective Danny Stivers said Monday that he soon will arrest a 16-year old male, in connection with a Dec. 30 burglary at the Pleasureville Pool Hall. The same suspect, he said, also stole items from Pleasureville Hardware. As a result of the two incidents, Stivers said the teen will be charged with second degree burglary, a class D felony, and theft by unlawful taking of goods less than $300, a class A misdemeanor.\


Stivers said that initially, the owner of the hardware store was unaware the items — two hammers and a Stanley measuring tape — were even missing.


The juvenile’s name came about, Stivers said, after “beating the bushes.” Stivers said he also recovered property from the boy’s home that was taken in the burglary of Gold’s Skate Shop in Shelbyville. The teen said he didn’t steal the items, but instead bought them from someone else.