HCHS wraps up season with home meet

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HCHS Track

By Greg Woods

The Henry County Wildcats’ track team wrapped up the regular season with a home meet on Thursday night. Many of the teams participating in the meet brought one or two athletes as they tried to become eligible for the regional meets, which started this weekend. Henry County’s regional meet was held yesterday at Christian Academy and will be reported on in next week’s paper.


Coach Melissa Sheron was pleased with her team’s final tune up.

“With a win on both the boys and girls teams as well as numerous personal bests, I am excited for regionals this year,” Sheron said. “I think that the momentum that this team has going into the regional meet is going to get several athletes to state. I have high hopes for these kids going into Tuesday. We are peaking at just the right time and I believe that I am going to have several athletes qualifying for state this year.”

HCHS All-comers meet results


100 meter dash-1st Sophie Hughes 14.8, 2nd Micah Lineman 16.2, 4th Tori Nelson 20.3

200 meter dash-1st Teagan Fish 31.3, 2nd Morgan Amyx 34.8

400 meter dash-1st Sophie Hughes 1:13.6, 2nd Izabelle Miller 1:21.7, 3rd Micah Lineman 1:23.9

800 meter run-1st Sophie Hughes 3:04.4, 3rd Sydney Amyx 3:18.3

1600 meter run-1st Sydney Amyx 7:05

300 meter hurdles-1st Cathryn Fischer 57.8, 2nd Teagan Fish 1:02.6

High jump-3rd Teagan Fish 4-02

Long jump-1st Cathryn Fischer 12-11, 2nd Morgan Amyx 11-03, 3rd Tori Nelson 5-05

Triple jump-1st Sara Finley 30-03.75

Shot put-1st Tierra Allison 25-10, 4th Katie Miller 18-06, 5th Izabelle Miller 17-07

Discus-1st Tierra Allison 74-00, 3rd Katie Miller 60-03, 5th Izzabelle Miller 55-01

Team results-1st HCHS 91, 2nd Shelby County 20, 3rd Carroll County 17



100 meter dash-2nd Jesse Potts HCHS 12.44, 4th Daniel Jones HCHS 13.44, 5th Joey Wetenkamp EHS 13.74, 7th Noah Mudd EHS 13.94, 8th Danny Davis HCHS 14.14, 9th Josh Fleig EHS 14.74, 10th Nichola Kidwell EHS 15.24

110 meter hurdles-1st Connor Finley HCHS 17.94, 2nd Danny Davis HCHS 23.04

200 meter dash-1st Jesse Potts 25.24, 2nd Daniel Jones 26.84, 3rd Drake Steele HCHS 26.94, 4th Nichola Kidwell 31.44, Josh Fleig 32.14

400 meter dash-4th Chase Slone HCHS 1:00.24, Josh Fleig 1:10.34

4X100 meter relay-2nd Henry County 49.14

800 meter run-2nd Ethan Smith HCHS 2:31.9, 4th Ethan Redmon HCHS 2:57.3

Discus-1st Patrick Cravens HCHS 114-08, 4th Coleman Stanley HCHS 10-10, 5th Byron Robbins HCHS 98-08, 6th Giovanni Rivera HCHS 91-09, 7th Corey Roberts EHS 89-05, 8th Danny Davis 88-04, 9th Clay Armstrong HCHS 65-09

High jump-1st Jonathan Bates HCHS 5-06, 3rd Noah Mudd 5-00, 3rd Wes Noe HCHS 5-00

Long jump-1st Connor Finley 18-00.25, 4th Scott Papineau HCHS 15-05, 5th Drake Steele HCHS 15-04, 6th Russell Beverly HCHS 14-02.25, 7th Tyler Potter HCHS 13-10, 8th Sam Grigsby HCHS 13-02

Pole Vault-1st Eddie Jones HCHS 11-06

Shot put-1st Patrick Cravens 39-11, 3rd Byron Robbins 38-02, 5th Giovanni Rivera 36-06, 6th Corey Roberts 35-07, 7th Coleman Stanley 34-04, 10th Clay Armstrong 30-04, Danny Davis 27-03

Triple jump-1st Cameron Johnson HCHS 40-08.75, 2nd Bo Wagner HCHS 35-01.5, 3rd Russell Beverly 34-00.25, 4th Cameron Morgan HCHS 33-02.5, 5th Drake Steele 31-04.5, 6th Tyler Potter HCHS 27-02.5


Team results-1st Henry County 88, 2nd Carroll County 46, 3rd Valley 34, 4th Eminence 12, 5th Shelby County 4, 6th Trimble County 3, 7th Lafayette 2