HCMS Principal will be missed

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By The Staff

As a former teacher in Henry County, I was disappointed to learn that Steve Swank will no longer be the principal of Henry County Middle School. During my five years at the middle school I was able to witness many positives occurring under Mr. Swank’s leadership. Kentucky Core Content Test scores improved; portfolio writing scores increased to an all-time high of 64 percent proficiency; student technology use was visible throughout the school; and a no-bullying policy was instituted to improve the learning environment of all students.

As a teacher under Mr. Swank, I always felt supported and appreciated. He was there whether I needed help with a difficult student or suggestions on lesson improvement in my classroom. Mr. Swank was visible on a day-to-day basis at the middle school, greeting students as they stepped off the bus, making routine classroom visits, and attending most, if not all, after-school events like athletic contests and musical concerts.

On a personal level, I appreciate Mr. Swank giving me my first teaching job. He will be greatly missed by the students, faculty and staff at Henry County Middle School.

Brian P. Durbin