HCPS Board rules short break

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By Stephanie Doyle

Winter break will be two days shorter for Henry County Public Schools students, the Board of Education ruled Monday night.

Board members unanimously made the calendar change for students to make up snow days from Dec. 6 and 10.  The makeup days are Jan. 2 and 3. Winter break will begin on Dec. 23 as planned but end on Jan. 1.

Board member Harold Bratton said that he knew of at least one person who would not be pleased with the Board’s decision.

“My grandson texted me, hoping we would vote against this,” he said.

His grandson isn’t the only one who voiced concern about the Board’s decision.

“This is ridiculous and was not properly thought out,” said parent Jenn Turner, whose son will be out of state until Jan. 5. “People can’t cancel plane tickets or change the return date without incurring a hefty penalty.”

Parent Tara Aldridge, who along with Turner responded to a Facebook post by the Local, said the board should have voted to put makeup days at the end of the school year.

“Some have family from out of town that want to spend time with them,” she said. “Not all families are able to celebrate Christmas during Christmas. They have to celebrate a little later.”

Parent Manda Marie Adkins said she hopes the board will meet again and consider parents’ concerns.

“There are plenty of other days to use as makeup days besides this very special holiday,” she said.

But junior Brandon Keith Sams, who attends Henry County High School, said he likes the board’s decision.

“I agree with the board for putting them on Jan. 2 and 3 – it gives us more summer to deal with,” he said.

Parent Mary Beth Dale said, “Fine with me – I’d rather have warm fun days with the kids instead of insane cold days.”