HCYS is a positive experience

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It would be a shame if someone did not speak out positively about our  Henry County Youth Soccer league in response to this week’s negative comments.  I have coached at the U-6 level for three seasons now and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience each time.  As a coach I’ve seen firsthand that late starting games happen for a myriad of reasons.  Not enough players on the field, tricky parking arrangements, uncooperative weather and occasionally a late referee or coach can easily push start time back by 15 minutes.  However, I do this for my children and the kids in our community and am very thankful for the volunteer army it takes to make something like this possible.  Even if I have to wait a few more minutes for the match to begin it’s still well worth it.

As for referees not knowing the rules (I’ve not experienced this) I am quite certain those who run our league would love to be informed and educated so that we can keep improving this wonderful work we’ve started.  Everyone I’ve encountered is open and friendly and has the best interest of our children as the top priority. Going forward we will surely get better, but thanks again to all the players, parents, coaches, referees and administrators for another wonderful season

See ya’ll in the fall!

Micah Blaine FitzGerald