Health care for all?

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By The Staff

Having a national debate on health care reform is welcomed by President Obama. The trouble is, no sooner does the President call for “everyone to pitch in” and engage in the debate, that he vilifies anyone who criticizes his plans. Having a civil national debate will produce more lasting change; accusing opponents of engaging in scare tactics and fear mongering will not.

In a speech to the American Medical Association, Obama said, “When you hear the naysayers claim I’m trying to bring about government-run health care, know this: They’re not telling the truth.” Truth, however, is not a commodity over which Obama has monopoly. Many of the proposals being made by Obama are advertised on false premises. One is, if you like your health care package you can keep it. This assertion is difficult to square with facts. Obama says that a “public option” a government plan- would be just one of many health care plans that America could select. In fact, a public plan will lead many employers to drop private health coverage for their workers and dump them into the public health plan- just as many employers in the 1990s pushed their workers into cheaper managed care plans. This is hardly letting people keep what they have. And many in Congress are eager to expand a public plan, with tight rules on what your doctor can do and how much she or he will be paid. Congress can do that because it will be both the “umpire” who sets the rules and “team owner” of the public plan. There will be no “level playing field.” This public option will be the death of private plans since the federal government does not have to turn a profit, it can print all the money it needs as it is doing now in these bailouts.

The question you want to ask our elected officials in Washington is- Are you willing to change your present health care insurance to the public plan proposed by Obama? This issue was addressed recently by vote in the Ways and Means Committee, namely to put all members of Congress in the public plan so that they could experience what Congress is planning to impose on all Americans. It failed along party lines.

The American health care system must not just protect union bosses, bureaucrats, and select cartels, it must empower American families. The nation does not need health care micromanaged by the government. William Shakespeare said it best- “Tis time to fear when tyrants seem to kiss.”

Tim Royalty,

New Castle