Health Department lease was joint effort

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As I read Brad Bowman’s article: HCSO’s New Office Open June 4th, last week, I was surprised to see a glaring omission. The move was, in part, due to the Henry County Health Department.   However The Henry County Health Department Board was not mentioned in the article.

Last July Sheriff Danny Cravens approached Ricky Doyle, who sits on the Health Department Board, to inquire about the possibility of renting the Health Department Building once it would be available, with the completion of construction of the new Health Department Building. Sheriff Cravens, came to several Health Department Board meetings to address the board, with his proposal. Sheriff Cravens , members of his staff, and a deputy were in attendance to address the need of the move.

As chairman of the Facility Committee, I understand Magistrate Hawkins being mentioned and quoted in the article.  Hawkins, however, was prominently mentioned in Bowman’s article, days (at the time of the article) before the election.  It does cause one to wonder.  Mr. Hawkins, never attended any of the meetings regarding the proposed rental of the Health Dept Building with the board (though Magistrate Roger Hartlage did).

The Health Department voted to approve the motion to rent the building to the Sheriff’s office for two years, and that the board would revisit the motion at the end of that term. The motion also gave the Sheriff’s office first refusal to purchase the building if the building would be sold. The motion passed with one member voting against it.

As a member of the Health Department Board, I would have liked to have seen the Health Department Board be mentioned in the article, for their part in the story.

This effort shows how different county government agencies can work together for the common good.  This was a win-win for everyone.

Jon Park