Hello big chain, good-bye customer service

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Growth is good but at what cost?

As of the up and coming 2014, Cook’s Pharmacy/True Value would have been in business for 50 years in our community. I can’t help but think how sad a family business that has had so much influence and been a part of many people’s lives in our community will be coming to an end.

We as employees here at Cook’s have always strived to be helpful to our customers and give them the best quality of service that we possibly could. The personal one on one touch customer service is what ‘Small Town America’ is all about and should be. Unlike big communities, we have a special town with its own uniqueness and needs. We as employees will miss the personal contact and ties that we have formed over the years. There is nothing better than that warm greeting and asking how the family is doing when our customers enter the store. So yes growth will take that away! Why? Because a ‘big chain business’ is coming to our community that many people feel will lose what has been built over the years with the friendly family atmosphere and be treated only as a customer.

So I ask, is growth always a good thing and at what cost will it be to our community?

This not only affects our community of Eminence but also the communities of New Castle and Campbellsburg. Where do they go for their needs in the future?

Does anybody know how much Cooks Pharmacy/True Value gave to the community? Not only in money donations but they donate items from the store. They give to the schools’ benefits. For customers with set incomes that can’t make it to their next pay check they are allowed to charge. What happens to those who are homebound or can’t drive that get their meds delivered? When a customer can’t make it before we close and we stay until they get there will the ‘big chain’ do that?

Cook’s has been my place of employment for ten years. Others have been employed for 20 and 25 years. What if we can’t find jobs? I for one do not like change at the cost of losing personal contact with the community and customers I consider close friends. Who knows what lies ahead for the employees and the effect it will have on our customers?

In closing I would like to say thanks to all our valued customers and friends — those who stood up for us and those who tried to save the historic buildings in our community.


Teresa Brewer