Help solve a historical mystery

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By Brad Bowman

I need your DNA!

I have had the most exciting story for a history fan land on my news desk and all you history buffs can help!

John Trowbridge, Kentucky National Guard Command Historian, told me about a story that puts Henry County in the spotlight of a History Detectives-type show.

Some may remember that I wrote an article on the Highlands House and its builder, Col. John Callaway- who fought in the war of 1812 against the British and Shawnee Chief Tecumseh. Another Henry Countian fought in the same battle, the Battle of the Thames in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, and possibly may be buried near the battle site.

A Canadian archeologist and documentary film company contacted Trowbridge when ground-penetrating radar found two shallow graves on the site where a Canadian park plans to commemorate the battle. No British soldiers or Shawnee were buried on the spot, and through a lengthy investigation-which I will write about next week- the archeologists and Trowbridge believe that in one of those graves are the remains of Henry Countian Foster Bartlett.

Preliminary historical research places Bartlett and his family in Henry County. Here’s where I need your help

If anyone has any information on the Bartlett family, is a descendent of or knows of a direct descendant of Foster Bartlett, they need to contact me. Please leave me a voicemail, an email or send me in a good, old-fashioned letter. A DNA match from a direct descendant will not only identify our veteran Foster Bartlett, but could legally allow the family, if they so wish, to have his remains repatriated back to the  country he fought for.

I will write an article next week including interviews with the archeologist involved with the site and hopefully a few other key players. I will fill you in on all the details and you can help me find some of Mr. Bartlett’s relatives. We can write this story together and honor one of America’s veterans.

You can leave me a voice mail with any pertinent information at 845-2858 or email me directly at news@hclocal.com, or send your information via snail mail to 18 S. Penn Ave., Eminence, Ky. 40019.