Henry County agriculture — by the numbers

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By Steve Moore

Folks, the results of the 2012 Census of Agriculture have just been released.

I’ve had my own thoughts about how the new numbers might go, but it’s always good to work from the latest data, as reported to the National Agriculture Statistics Service by our landowners.

The number of farms reported in 2012 was 869, down from 962 in the the 2007 Census, which bounced up from 883 in 2002. And while the average size of a farm didn’t change much, now 148 acres per farm compared to 152 in 2007, the big change is simply the number of acres in farmland.

The total farmland reported is only 126,509 compared to 146,399 only five years before. We had hovered around 150,000 acres in farmland since the early 1970s. Historically, we had around 175,000 acres in farmland for the first half of the last century. The total land acreage for the county is 186,000 acres.

The average reported value of farmland and building per acre didn’t move much, up to $3,343 from the 2007 value of $3,268. The total value of agriculture crops and livestock did move up, from nearly $28 million to nearly $31 million.

More of the 2012 Census of Agriculture numbers are yet to be published, and I’ll visit with you some other interesting data such as average age of farmers, age groups of farmers, and number of farms in certain sizes and dollar sales per year.


The Henry County Cattleman’s Association announces its June meeting for Monday, June 23, 7 p.m., at the Henry County Extension Office.

Along with the regular reports, our guest speaker will be Dr. Gregg Rentfrow, UK Muscle Meats Specialist.

Dr. Rentfrow will be demonstrating how to cut an actual quarter of beef. Should be an interesting and educational experience.

Please contact the Henry County Extension Office at 845-2811 to register for this meeting.