Here we go again

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By The Staff

Crack, meth, runaway kids, missing persons, sexual assaults and increase in crime. These have all been put out there as possible excuses for not having cruising in Eminence. (Shawn) Bright said gas stations and restaurant managers remember that cruising was good for business and are saying yes to cruising. Mr. (Jim) Pettit says it wasn’t good for business at his Dairy Mart, it sounds like sour grapes.

Again what the people and tax payers of Eminence want are being ignored. It’s never what the people want that matters, it’s what six or seven people who run the city want. Again Eminence is taking a step backwards. Has anyone been in town during the weekend? Eminence is a ghost town. It’s not lit up and everything is dark. Go to Shelbyville and see how much life and lights its city has. Everybody says to shop local, but how many choices do we have?

The real crime going on in Eminence is the taxpayers being fined for not keeping their grass cut or their dogs quiet. Our police chief seems to wear quite a few hats to go along with being chief of police. He’s also dog catcher and city ordinance enforcer. I thought we had a county dog catcher and the city used to have someone to enforce city codes.

I’m all for Eminence coming back to life and our young people having safe fun. I won’t be cruising but I don’t have any problem with cruising as long as it is safe. But with four Kentucky State Police Units, two fish and wildlife and two from the sheriff’s department, it sounds like it’s going to be a “police state,” so any chance of Eminence coming back for one night to have fun and be alive is like how everything in Eminence has gone for the last few years — nowhere. If you come through Eminence, keep going because it’s likely you’ll be hassled by the cops.

Was anyone watching the news last week? Again Eminence has been in the news in a bad light. I probably will get hassled over this article, but this needs to be said.

Jimmy Goodloe