Hoene takes the reins at NCES after Morris’ departure

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By Brad Bowman

Lane Morris’ exit as principal of New Castle Elementary after two years wasn’t a surprise to Superintendant Tim Abrams, even if it came two days before school started last week.

Assistant Middle School Principal Staci Hoene also seemed like a natural choice to serve as interim principal in Morris’ vacancy.

“Mr. Morris is a very innovative educator who had a strong rapport with the students and parents,” Abrams said. “We had talked several times and I knew he was in the applicant pool for Kenwood Station Elementary in Oldham County. The timing just made it seem sudden.”

Morris applied midsummer to Kenwood Station Elementary in Crestwood for the principal position. Abrams said Morris had been open with him about the position from the beginning.

Abrams considers the opening an opportunity.

“Ms. Hoene started her career here in 1995. I was the middle school assistant principal when she was hired,” Abrams said.

“She taught at North Oldham Middle School, was a student achievement advocate for Southside Middle School in Shelby County. She is very talented and I am certain she will develop strong relations with parents and students while working on innovation at the middle school.”


Staci Hoene began as a language arts teacher at the middle school. She always wanted to have this type of opportunity.

“I was just as shocked as most of the community,” Hoene said. “I felt like I needed to step up given the vacancy. The school board supported me and I felt like it was the right move.”

Hoene isn’t certain whether the interim position as NCES principal will be a permanent position and doesn’t know what the timeline is on the decision for the position. Hoene will continue her work with standard based report cards and intervention programs that help students who fall below standards become successful students. Her plan of action is to continue moving students forward.

“It is really important to help the faculty and the students understand new innovation in the school with technology,” Hoene said.

“I want to help our kids become better citizens and better community members and that they have the skills to be successful. I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve as principal. I have always wanted to be a principal and I am really excited to be given the opportunity. “


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