Honoring Our Troops Year-round

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By The Staff

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance unlike any other.  To some, it marks the beginning of summer festivities.  However, for service members, veterans and the loved ones of the fallen, it recognizes the ultimate sacrifice brave men and women have made to protect our freedom.

Kentucky is home to hundreds of thousands of service members and veterans, all of whom we are deeply indebted to for their sacrifices.  As an 11-year veteran, I offer my prayers for those who have given their lives.  Additionally I continue my strong commitment to ensuring that our service members and veterans have the full support and appreciation of our nation, including the benefits which they so richly deserve. 

There are a number of ways for Kentuckians to show their support for our troops, veterans and their families.  In order to provide you and your family with ways to say “thank you,” I have added a “Support Our Troops” section to my website.

On the Support Our Troops page, Kentuckians can find ways to give back to veterans and make things a little easier for active-duty service members.  Organizations such as the United Service Organizations, the Thank You Foundation and Operation Homefront provide Americans with the opportunity to lend a hand and brighten the day of a service member, veteran or military family member.  You can also read about some of the extraordinary ways that communities within the Fourth District are paying tribute to our nation’s heroes.  To learn more about ways to donate your time and support our troops and veterans, visit GeoffDavis.house.gov/Troops. 

In addition to support by individual volunteers, Kentucky communities have also taken an active role in expressing their gratitude to veterans and support for our troops.  For example, through the organization America Supporting Americans, cities across Kentucky have adopted military units and are providing support and care packages for our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard members.  Residents across the Fourth District, from Covington to Ashland, have donated their time through ASA to ensure veterans are cared for properly.  This commitment is demonstrative of the giving spirit and patriotism that runs deep in the Commonwealth.  Click here to find a city near you that participates in this program or visit www.asa-usa.org.  

Members of America’s Armed Services deserve our respect, support and assistance, not only on Memorial Day, but year-round.  That is why our office has made it a top priority to maximize our ability to assist service members, veterans and their families by supporting them in their interaction with local, State and federal agencies.  This assistance is most often with the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Our office can assist current service members, veterans, and family members with a wide range of services and benefits provided by the federal government.  We are happy to assist you in dealing with federal agencies on issues ranging from veterans benefits to obtaining medals; TRICARE to the GI Bill and much more.  Click here to learn more about our constituent liaison services for service members and veterans or contact the Fort Mitchell office at (859) 426-0080.

In addition to assisting current and former service personnel, I am also committed to helping young adults who are interested in a career in the Armed Services.  As your Representative in Congress, I have the privilege of nominating students for admission to the U.S. service academies.  These include the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY; the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD, the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY.  To learn more about service academy nominations, visit my website.  There you can learn about the qualifying criteria for a nomination for appointment to one of our nation’s service academies.

Congressman Geoff Davis