Humane Society of Oldham County provides low cost spay/neuter

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I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Ms. Phyllis McLaughlin on her insightful understanding of the animal control problems facing Henry and Trimble County.  Her perspective titled “Irresponsibility at heart of animal control,” published February 16, 2011, precisely states the core problem.

Ms. McLaughlin offered up the KHS SNIP program as a low-cost option to spay or neuter animals.  While this is a viable and worthwhile program, I would like to make Henry and Trimble County citizens aware of an alternative to wholesale transporting of animals to Louisville that is much closer to home--The Humane Society of Oldham County’s (HSOC) low cost spay/neuter clinic in La Grange.

Since we started our spay/neuter program in 2005, we have completed over 6,000 surgeries.  HSOC sponsors at least two clinics a month.  Pet owners or animal caregivers transport and pick up their animals on the same day.  These clinics are open to anyone who cannot afford regular veterinary services.  The goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate unwanted and homeless animals.

Call HSOC, 502-222-7537, for more information or to register.  All animals must be preregistered.

Michele Culp
President, Humane Society of Oldham County