If KHS cared, they would help

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I read the piece on the Kentucky Humane Society pulling out on us. Why don’t you do some real investigating and learn the real reason? It is because they are all about making money not animal welfare.

They don’t want us to shoot dogs (25-cents per bullet), they put dangerous dogs down too, but don’t want the blood on their hands.
If they really cared about animals they would help us. They make a ton of money with their pet hotels so that is there new “mission?”

The only thing wrong with shooting dogs was the bullet was not placed right. One shot to the head and it is instant death for the dog – no suffering!

Think about this: If you were a stray dog, would you rather be chased, trapped, roped, netted or otherwise caught, then pinned down and muzzled, then given a needle in your vein or heart or your life just suddenly and instantly ends?

Animals do not fear death, only us humans. Kentucky Humane Society is in the business of making money, not helping animals.
We either take money away from human needs or we go back to shooting dogs – fast, clean, cheap and effective.

I have no phone or computer, and don’t want one!

Lee Johnson