I'm looking forward to meeting you

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By Cindy DiFazio

I am very excited at the prospect of joining the staff of the Henry County Local.

The desire to be a contributing member of a close-knit community and my natural curiosity have happily coincided with an opportunity to report and write for this award-winning newspaper. I look forward to meeting the people who know and love the area and can give me insight into what makes Henry County such a special place. The newspaper staff has already welcomed me warmly.

My experience as staff writer for Ripley Publishing in Versailles, Indiana, a privately owned company that produces two weekly newspapers, provided the springboard for this new endeavor. My coverage included government and schools as well as general and feature writing. I especially enjoyed covering the many events in the area such as the county fair, the annual Pumpkin Festival and various happenings at the Versailles State Park. I know that Henry County boasts many of the same sorts of entertainment so it already feels like home.

I have lived in the Louisville area most of my life, first in Louisville metro and later in Oldham and briefly, Henry County. My 24-year old son, Vinnie, still speaks fondly of his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Peniston, who laid the foundation for his lifelong love of learning.

What I find most interesting about a locale like Henry County is the diverse nature of its residents and countryside.

Taking a brief driving tour through parts of the county, I saw a rich rural area dotted with welcoming towns. Not wanting to get lost (or have to fill up my gas tank again) I decided to do a little research on the internet and found the Henry County website to be an excellent resource.

I discovered that thecounty plays host to a renaissance fair and that both New Castle and Eminence are Renaissance Cities silver medal award winning towns. There are also e-cards on the website that depict beautiful local landscapes and wish your loved ones well from Henry County. I sent one to my sister as well as to my daughter.

In the upcoming months I hope to meet many of you and tell some of your stories.

I will do my best to uphold the high standards of the Henry County Local and bring the local news into your homes.