Infinite Campus comes to Henry County Public Schools

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By The Staff

Maintaining information on the students in the 174 Kentucky public school districts requires a huge system with the capability to accurately store and retrieve student information, calculate state funding, facilitate transfers, and many other utilities.

Infinite Campus was awarded the contract to provide and manage this service to the state’s schools in 2006.  The process of converting began in pilot districts in October 2007.  The transition for other districts was completed in waves throughout the state. This next generation student information system provides real-time information to those who are authorized to view it.  Parents will have access to this information on their children.

Henry County Public Schools will officially begin IC operation this month, but the process will require time to fully convert all the data and systems to operate at 100 percent.  Staff members have been training on the different functions over the last several months.  All staff will have ample opportunity for adjustment to the new system in the next several weeks.

Due to the transition to IC, the familiar STI Home portion of the former information system that many parents of middle and high schools students accessed has been shut down.  Parents who were accustomed to viewing student grades from their computers will not be able to do so until the parent portal of IC is functioning. 

The parent portal will be exciting to parents of students at all levels who are interested in keeping a close watch on their children’s education.  They will be able to see schedules, attendance, grades, and other information in “real time.”  This portal will be a new service to elementary parents.

The district will work to verify that all information converted correctly to IC and to determine who should be authorized to securely view student information. Parent help will be needed in the process.  Parents can expect a letter from their child’s school in the upcoming weeks to confirm all student information is correct.  The parent portal to IC will give them a whole new dimension of access to their child’s education.


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