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After storming through its regular season and a district meet, the Eastern Elementary School academic team will take on the district Saturday.

By Cindy DiFazio

Staff writer/photographer

Twice a week, its members gather after school, and put in hours of extra study. And that hard work might be paying off for a group of local students.

Eastern Elementary School’s Quick Recall Team will enter regional competition this weekend, having faced down all its opponents in a double elimination without suffering a single loss.

The quick-recall team is made up of fifth-graders Austin Taylor, Nick James, Joshua Logsdon, Austin Craigmyle, Noah Webster, Devon Haberman and Lucas Armstrong, and is coached by teachers Lisa Harper and Megan Greer.

There also is a fourth-grade quick recall team made up of Jacob Clements, Christopher Morris, Travis Priddy, Chris Priddy, Breanna Heightchew and Cassie Hahn.

Team members who will test during the event  are Shelby Ray in mathematics, Joshua Logsdon in science and social studies, Tarralynn Smith in written composition and social studies, Devon Haberman in science, Austin Craigmyle in arts and humanities and Christopher Morris in language arts.

“They’ll pick three of the best,” Harper said.

Other academic team students include fourth graders Morgan McGuire, Kaitlin Clark, Taylor Bright and Emily Rice, and fifth grade student Tristian Parks.

Testing begins at 8:45 a.m. Saturday, consists of 35 multiple choice questions and followed by quick-recall testing. “They are unbelievably hard tests,” she said. “It’s a combination of testing and quick recall.”

Eastern’s Academic Team will go head-to-head with 135 students from schools in Shelby, Oldham, Carroll and Gallatin as well as Campbellsburg and New Castle.

Harper said teachers recommend students for the team not too long after the school year begins. The students are tested and attend tryouts where they attempt to be the first to answer quick-fire questions.

“A lot of smart kids don’t make it because they also have to be quick and not afraid to buzz in,” she said.

Participants began working in October and train twice weekly after school. “It requires a lot of commitment from the students and parents,” she said.

Extra study and testing above and beyond regular class work and homework mean a lot of extra time and toil.  Beyond that, teams must compete in four practice matches with other local schools prior to district competition.

“It’s a hard selling point,” Harper said.

She said the team is well-prepared and primed to win the Governor’s Cup. Harper said she reminded the team they are going up against some teams with really good skills, but they are confident of a win.

“It helps we did really well (in the district competition),” she said. “I think they’ll do fine. We have a really good bunch of kids.”

The competition takes place Saturday, March 21, at Wright Elementary School, at 500 Rocket Lane (behind Shelby County High School), in Shelbyville. For more information, call Eastern Elementary School at 845-8640.


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