It’s election season, choose wisely

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By The Staff

It is election time again. The purpose for my letter is two fold.

First, I have been shocked at the number of people elected to office who clearly are not capable of making informed decisions about how to operate a multi-million dollar business (county government). Government is a big business which needs professionally qualified candidates. Do not waste your vote on your neighbor or your best friend unless you would be comfortable with them operating your farm or business (government is owned by each taxpayer). I challenge us all to identify and recruit the best qualified citizens to run for office. If a county is to progress we must consider recruiting some new blood into the offices rather than worrying whether someone is an “outsider.” We can implement new programs without losing the traditions of the past. Without progress at the county level our children have no choice but to leave their home county for “greener pastures”.

Secondly, I wanted to praise (unsolicited) our Henry County Judge Executive John Logan Brent. As a Henry County resident for about 13 years, I have observed positive, measurable progress in our county in spite of a poor economy and  in spite of so many special interest groups continually taking “pot shots” at him, wasting his time and our tax dollars. Those who are complaining need only to compare the condition of Henry County with many of the other Kentucky counties. They will find that Henry County is positively progressing and that they should be thankful we have been able to convince Mr. Brent to be our County Judge.

I challenge each voter to elect people who are professionally capable of running our city, county and state governments. Government is a business which requires intelligent, informed, creative, and motivated professionals. Regardless of your party, consider using your vote to get rid of the non-productive politician.

Rod Napier