Johnson & Co. floored by opportunity

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By Will Phillips

Will Phillips



Johnson & Co. Flooring hit the ground running on Main Street in Eminence two months ago.

A lifelong desire to be an entrepreneur led owner Chad Johnson to open the business.

“I started doing floor covering about 12 years ago,” Johnson said. “[Opening my own business] is something I’ve always thought about doing. I thought it was kinda out of my reach, but the building became available here and I got the idea and it was kind of like, ‘why not?’ I just decided to go ahead and do it. I’m at that age, I’m ready.”

The business eliminates the middleman for customers.

“I always had to send my flooring customers to other flooring stores and that doesn’t ever work out very well,” he said. “I was sending my customers to other stores to try and get deals together and running them all over the place, basically. So I just decided to open my own.”

Keeping everything in house seems to be the theme for Johnson & Co. Chad, who also installs, sells flooring and runs the shop, said it helps the customer feel more at ease when they can see the same face from start to finish.

“That’s where we feel we have an advantage over other flooring stores,” Angela Graves, Johnson’s girlfriend and co-worker said. “A lot of them will contract their work to other contractors for the install, but here we’re going to sell the material and install it for you.”

According to Johnson, business has been better than expected.

“It’s actually been great,” he said. “Of course, in a small town, everyone wants to take a look at new businesses. But we actually did very well. But it doesn’t take long for word to travel around here. We’ve been very excited, it’s been great so far.”

Since the formula is working he’s content to let it grow naturally. “I think we plan on staying here for quite awhile, as long as we can. Everything we need is already here. We plan to keep it local.”

Currently, Johnson & Co. is the only flooring business in Henry County, but Chad says that he isn’t going to shy away from competition.

“I would welcome competition. I wouldn’t worry about it,” he said. “I feel like we can do a service for the county.”

In addition to the flooring store, Graves has opened Primitive Gift Shop in the back of the building, where she sells various decorative items, such as potpourri and wall hangings.

“It’s a lot like Cracker Barrel,” Graves said. “We will have some actual antiques, too, but mainly new items.” She added that they will be offering gift wrapping and specials during the holidays.

Johnson and Graves said they don’t like to use the word, ‘customer.’ Graves said they prefer, “friends and family.”

“I always know how I liked to be treated when I went into a business,” he said. “And getting to actually do that…I can make sure that customers are treated the way that I want them to be treated.”

Johnson & Co. will have a grand opening event, beginning, Wednesday, May 21 and running through the end of the month. For more information, call (502) 706 1403.