Jon Park for Eminence City Council Endorsement

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Eminence is blessed with many good citizens wanting to get involved in their local politics; Citizens wanting involvement representing and implementing a positive direction for their City. Eminence voters are fortunate to have multiple choices as to who represents their city and concerns. They are especially fortunate to have Jon Park as a choice for Eminence City Council.

Jon Park is a very hard worker, committed to his duty, extremely constant in his effort to accomplish his responsibilities, attentive and persistent in doing anything for the good. In the past couple years, I have witnessed his compassion, expertise, goal driven, communication techniques, and get it done attitude to making everything he is involved with result in a better situation.

Years ago a customer of mine — Tom Barnes of Barnes Fence in Theodore, Ala. — expressed the importance of communication in successful business transactions. Today I understand Tom was advising me of the successful methods to succeed in life. Looking back at this lesson, Jon is one of the best communicators in our community. His skill would allow conducting Eminence business in a manner that can only be observed as an asset to Eminence’s future.

Jon has shown leadership in our community and local involvement. When appointed to the Henry County Home Health Board, Jon articulated his position on board issues with a get involved approach. A good communicator. When being a member of the Henry County Republican Party he was appointed to the Chairman of the party. Good leadership. Jon is a good family man, a historian, and leads with good ethical and moral values.

Eminence has the choice of six city council members. The first name chosen to fill the six spots needs to be Jon Park. He will do you a great job.

Roger M. Hartlage

Henry County Magistrate, District 2