Just because we can

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Courthouses throughout Kentucky are not plush.  Nor do they need to be.  Some are very lacking in spaciousness.  Traveling to many different ones all over the state during my tenure with Abandoned Mine Lands and Department of Transportation, I had no problem doing my job.

John Logan Brent is right. A new Office of Administrative Courts building is not the answer. In today’s economy we are all asked to “sacrifice” for a greater cause. One of those causes is a lessening of debt for counties, states and for the nation. That cause is for our children and grandchildren’s future.

We must be responsible. We must not spend every penny of tax money “just because we can.” In today’s economy, we do not need to build more new buildings or for that matter, parks. The county must act responsibly on any kind of expansion just as we all must do on a personal level. We need to live within our means.

If someone offered you money to cover the cost of a bicycle with the stipulation that you buy a Hummer, would you do it?

Let’s take care of the buildings we have. When the economy improves, as it must, then a responsible decision to build or not to build can be made.

Judy Yount Lyons