Keep making waves to open the pool

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By The Staff

I really appreciate all that the Making Waves committee has done to help open the pool. Even if the pool is unable to open this summer, it just needs to get open sometime in the next couple of years to give the kids something cool and fun to do in the summer. That's why I have some ideas of how to get the pool open and keep the pool open and going.

One idea that I have is that there could be a monthly teen party to raise money for the pool. There could be a DJ with music or a live band and charge for a cover fee for teens. There could be a cover charge for kids to get in the door and also a charge for concessions. The teen party could be held somewhere like the Community Center or a school. Parents and volunteers in the community could supervise teen parties so there would be no trouble.

One reason the pool had to be shut down was because it wasn't making enough money to cover the costs of it being open. So to help keep the pool open there could continue to be monthly teen parties at the pool in the evenings after the pool closes to the younger kids to raise money. This will help to keep the pool open.

Another idea to raise money for the pool could be a fish fry on Fridays like the FOP used to do at the police station in Eminence. There could be a fish fry at Main Street Live through the summer to raise money for the pool to re-open.

I hope my suggestions are helpful. Thanks for all that the adults in the community have done to try to open up the pool for the kids. Please don't quit trying to open the pool. I know the fundraising isn't going as fast as you want it to but even if the pool is not able to open this summer, maybe it would be open next summer. We have waited a long time and a little longer will be worth it to have the swimming pool open again.

Adam Case, Eminence Middle School